Thousands of acres of protected wetlands and a dazzling array of habitats draw birds not seen anywhere else in the province.

Our avian friends are a continual source of delight to visitors, whether you’re a casual enjoyer of a high-flying osprey, or a dedicated birder ready to spend hours seeking the never seen. Join a group or explore on your own!



  • The rocky coastlines from Port aux Basques to Rose Blanche are perfect for mergansers, loons, guillemots, and cormorants.
  • The sandy beaches and delicate dunes of the Codroy Valley protect nesting plovers, as well as arctic and common tern.
  • Nearby seaside woodlands belong to nesting woodpeckers, warblers, and songbirds.
  • In the Codroy Valley, the Grand Codroy Estuary is the only wetland in the province recognized internationally as an Important Wetland under the Ramsar Convention, and is home to Great Blue Herons, ducks, eagles, and osprey.
  • Port au Port Peninsula offers spectacular views of the cliffs where seabirds nest and the shorelines where they live. Gulls and kittiwakes, shearwaters, and gannets patrol our coasts in large numbers. Stephenville offers a variety of excellent habitats year-round.
  • Guiding services and custom birding tours are available for small groups along the Southwest Coast’s boreal forest, protected wetlands, and scenic coastlines.

Take a look at what Port Aux Basques has to offer!